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Hi Guys ! Are you looking for the Best heroes in dota 2 and is it difficult for to understand that who to pick then Let me tell you the Top 5 best heroes of all but first you need to know this that A team should contain all type of heroes Support ,Tank, Carry , Now different people have different views for example some people really dislike sniper but some people like him a lot. the bad thing in sniper is that his power is really low and armor is equal to nothing he can be targeted and killed easily if he is alone and not having a shadow blade. But None the Less Let me tell you the best top 5 heroes for everyone including beginners

5.Drow Ranger

Dota 2 best Range hero






So start with Drow Ranger . in my view she is better than Sniper she is an agility hero and we al know the marksmanship at level 6 her level increases like  no one else so she is probably having the most attack at level six . i prefer mask of madness with her it totally worth it if you want to kill and dominate the game. Frost arrows are her signature and as long as you get to the butterfly and manta you are invincible in a kind of way but against stuns and disablers hero she is weak



Dota 2 Best RANGE HERO






I know again a range hero but I have played this little man alot and i have won so many battles  because of him. The thing is that if you are doing mid because most of the time sniper will be doing mid you can harass and farm alot and also deny at a good range now you just have to be aware of missing heroes or Pudge ! because you are favorite food to pudge and you don’t want to end up dissembling by him.but he is a good hero and if you manage to make him a hard Carry then believe me you can kill any tank no matter how powerful he is


Ursa dota 2 best hero







One of the Most tanky hero in All dota 2. And he is capable of killing enemy heroes at lower level . A  Solo Roshan killer .so if you are looking for some ganking and dominating believe me you should choose Ursa ! and if you have a stun with you in lane then that’s the biggest treat for you.

2.Bounty Hunter

Dota 2 Best hero bounty hunter





I personally love this guy his Shadow wall and Jinada spell is amazing and the Bounty Spell which you get at level six is really beneficial for your team and you you get extra money for killing every hero .You know what that means ! You get fat in no time so try to kill heroes specially the one with low power not the tanks Once you get fat you can swipe the whole team

1. Husker

best dota 2 hero





My most favorite One is Husker . I know many of you wont agree but in my view he is amazing he use his power for attacking and his life break is one hell of  a OP spell and he is amazing at harassing and killer at lower level specially in lanes.  I usually do mid with husker and after level 6 i roam top mid and bot for a serious ganking. If you can play him right believe me you be forcing your opponents to leave the game literally


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