Top 5 Most Watched Anime Series 2014

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If you love to watch anime . There are so many of them available and believe me all are great . These  are sure very different from American Cartoons. And believe me if someone says while you are watching Anime that  ”Why are you watching cartoons” I know that feel because such people doesn’t understand the intensity and emotions of The Anime . I myself have watched so many of them and i will tell you the top 5 best worth watching anime before you die. The list contains:

5. Fullmetal Alchemist


Full metal Alchemist is packed with excellent story. As the name shows Alchemist then it is pretty clear the show is about some chemicals so it will be great from chemistry students.Edward and Alphonse Elric are alchemist brothers and they are seaching for a most legendary catalyst in the world which will help them to recover their bodies You can learn more about the plot of the show here .

4. Bleach

top 5 anime

Again an excellent concept about a boy named Ichigo who is different from others and who can see the ghosts ( the people from the after life) and thus his life’s ultimate adventure start by becoming a shinigami ( A soul reaper) You can learn more about Ichigo and his adventures here

3.Dragon Ball z

top 5 best anime

If you are a fan of  action packed anime then dragon ball z is the answer for you where all the amazing fighters of the different world fights and our Hero Goku the martial artist and a Sayian is there to beat them all. there are many other companions of Goku including Vegeta the sayian prince his sons Gohan ,Trunks and many more learn about each and every one of them here

2. Naruto

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If your way is Ninja way then go for Naruto i personally love this series the most in my view it is the most emotional and amazing series i have ever watched. A little ninja who was ignored because he was a jinchurki but as time passed he became the most lovable person in the village because of his love wit friends and not giving up his dreams Catch on to Naruto and his adventures from here

1. One Piece

Top 5 anime

And here is the  Best anime of all time One piece. The series is about pirates and different devil fruit eaters . and Our hero is Monkey D luffy a rubber man and he is gonna be the king of the Pirates . This series is packed with everything action, adventure, emotions this is a flawless Anime and it is still on going series. Catch up more about One Piece from here


So it was the List of Top 5 Most Popular and Best Anime of all. if you Like some other anime then do mention them in comments. Stay tune for more top 5 Lists.


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